All our window tint is backed by our no-hassle lifetime warranty 

We use Core software for all our patterns (window tint only) to ensure a perfect fit everytime 

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Automotive window tint pricing
 All prices plus tax.

  • 4 Door Cars 329.99
  • 2 Door Cars 299.99
  • Mini Vans/SUVS's 349.99
  • 4 Door Truck 249.99
  • 2 Door Ext/Quad Truck 249.99
  • Reg Cab Truck 199.99
  • Sliding Rear Window Add 49.99
  • 2 Front Doors Only 99.99
  • Sun Strip 59.99
  • Sunroof 59.99, double sunroof 99.99
  • We have 35/20/5% shades
  • All prices include sides and back/rear glass unless otherwise stated

Window Tinting Law In Ontario

  • Windshield : No tint allowed (we will do top strip, we will not do the bottom or complete front)
  • Rear : Any tint allowed as long as the vehicle has both left and right side rear-view mirrors
  • Front Side : 70% VLT or higher
  • Back Side : Any Tint
  • Legal Window Tint Laws Ontario

    Tinting is made to provide privacy and security, but you do not want to obstruct your ability to see and drive safely. In Ontario, you should avoid placing any window film tinting on your windshield and only use a tint of 70% VLT (visible light transmittance) or higher on your front side windows.