BD Diesel

The BD is a company that avoids warranty at any chance they can.

We used a BD turbo PART # 1045768 "screamer" and found a slower spool than a stock turbo and a 2 psi gain over stock(37psi). We took this turbo apart and compared it to a stealth turbo from Calibrated power and found the turbine housing was very loose compared to stock and the stealth 64 we also tested. The stealth ran 55psi easily.

Another is we sent out our BD built 5r100w for a freshen up, once back we installed it and didn't make it 100km before the pump ate itself, initially we thought we had a ground problem which can weld the trans pump but upon further inspection, it appears the pump was rebuilt and the bushing used was either not checked to old one or installed wrong. 

In the end we highly recommend using another name, Banks power, ATS, or Dynomite Diesel just to name a few, or risk buying a part with little care put into making it.  We will not sell any BD pat period.

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